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The company’s history is its gradual development and constantly growing area of ​​activity.

Forty years of our existence is a continuous expansion of the machine park, construction of new halls, including a separate machining hall. We have been producing high quality weldable steel joints since 2007.. Very quickly gaining experience in this field, we have become suppliers of “Welded fittings” for the largest producers of central heating boilers. in Poland, for which product quality is the most important. A wide range of services and flexibility allows us to carry out comprehensive investment projects. Decades of experience, knowledge of the market and expectations of our customers prove our reliability.

Our ambition is to provide you with the best products and services at the best prices.

Here you can find us

  • Mufy stalowe

  • Obróbka wiórowa

  • Obróbka wielkogabarytowa

  • Maskownice do muf

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